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The Lion's Den



Sunday, Feb 1 - Land at Southampton, train to London, get a room.

Feb 2 - Go to the tower of London. Find Jackson's friend Mickey Mahoney and read some articles. Finish up the day at the Frog and Peach.

Feb 3 - Daphne, Roget, Julie, Harvey go to the home of Miles Shipley to see his artwork. Meet him and his mom, notice odd smell. That night, return to try to break into his apartment via the skylight, but are unsuccessful.

Feb 4 - Buy a painting from Shipley for 150. Fart around, fight over bathroom usage. Go to the Blue Pyramid nightclub and eat Egyptian food.

Feb. 5 - Harvey to the newspaper, Lazlo and Morse to the morgue. Speak to Dr. Cox the coroner. The victim is Ali Azif, age 35. Lazlo gets lucky at the Blue Pyramid, is pulled aside by Yalesha and told about the truck and Tewfik al-Sayed.

Feb 6 - Discussed further plans for staking out the Blue Pyramid. Harvey, Roget, Daphne to Soho. Harvey and Roget dress as bums, Harvey gets a cold. Julie and Morse to the Penhew Foundation to talk to Edward Gavigan. Back to the Pyramid at night.

Feb 7 - Roget and Daphne stake out the BP from a cafe across the street. Harvey and Julie stay at the hotel. Morse to the British Museum. Morse and Daphne to the BP at night.

Sunday, Feb 8 - Roget and Julie stake out the BP, everyone else stays home and reads.

Feb 9 - Julie, Harvey, and Daphne go to the Penhew Foundation library.

Feb 10 - Lazlo and Julie to the PF; Harvey and Daphne call the Scoop, then the Pyramid to try to interview . Daphne reads Life as a God. Lazlo and Julie go to Tewfik's spice shop, see they are being tailed. Stake out the BP at night again.

Feb 11-12 - Lazlo and Harvey play chess. Daphne and Julie go to the PF museum again. All follow a truck deep into Essex, sneak into Misr Houes estate grounds, and witness dark rites by the obelisk. Monstrous winged elephantine creatures arrive to feast. Julie begins babbling incessantly, and the cultists are alerted. The party fires, flees, and fires until a number of cultists are dead. They lose several guns, the car, some sanity, and their personal dignity. In the morning, find a farmhouse, call Morse, and hop a train back to London.

Feb 12 - Morse, Harvey, and Lazlo buy new clothes, rest at Morses flat. At night, Morse and Lazlo go back to the Blue Pyramid and do not see Yalesha, Tewfik, or the owner. They are nearly mugged during their circuitous trip back to the flat.

Friday, Feb 13 - All head to Harwich by train, touch base with local police (Henry Williams.) Get a room at Farmer Brown's, go out to Misr House. Take a tour of the estate with the guidance of Hasan the butler. Nothing suspicious, except for bulgy eyes of some servants. Repair to the Browns', prepare to plant some evidence at the estate. While reading, late, Morse suffers a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital in Harwich.

Saturday, Feb 14 - Morse remains in hospital against his will. Lazlo and Harvey decide to sneak onto the grounds of Misr House again in search of some more damning evidence against the residents. Break in through a window, and find a secret staircase to Gavigan's workroom. Ignore prisoners, rifle Gavigan's stuff, take a few choice items, and get books back. Sneaking back out, they are heard by servants and must beat feet. They call Inspector Williams, and are accompanied back to Misr House by Williams and 3 other policemen. The servants are arrested. Harvey and Lazlo return to Farmer Brown's.

Sunday Feb 15 - Spring Morse from the hospital and drive back to London in the late afternoon. Rejoin with Roget and Daphne.

Feb 16-Read article in paper about Misr House. Roget and Daphne go back to Miles Shipley's house that night. They break in and explore the basement, finding a number of odd items including a severed head. Roget bravely bursts from the basement to attack a monstrous creature. Soon Roget is in thrall to the creature and proceeds to attack Daphne. She shoots Roget in self defense, then flees the house with him in tow. Turning back, she sees the snake-man metamorphose into a sweet little old lady, and goes mad.

Feb 17 - Roget is found in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound to the chest. Daphne comes to herself in an opium den in the worst part of London. Lazlo phones an anonymous tip to the police about the serpent monster, and a bobby disappears.

Feb 18 - Morse and Harvey visit the Penhew Foundation and ask Gavigan some questions. A call to Inspector Raffles reveals that the letter they gave to the police has disappeared. Harvey follows Gavigan to Tewfik's spice shop.

Feb 19 - Daphne, Harvey, Lazlo break into Gavigan's Bloomsbury flat. Finding nothing of significance, they return to the Frog and Peach. Here they are joined by an IRA bomber, young Eamonn O'Malley. Julie begins reading the Pnakotic MS.

Feb 20 - Harvey stakes out Tewfik's shop . That night, Harvey and Lazlo go to the Blue Pyramid. Julie, Daphne, and Eamonn hide in a dark alley nearby to bushwhack Tewfik when he leaves the bar. As they wait in total darkness, they are set upon by the Thing in the Fog. It attacks Daphne, and Julie goes mad, but it is driven off by their torchlight. Harvey and Lazlo leave the Blue Pyramid, and between street lights they also are attacked by the Thing. Lazlo is saved by the headlights of a passing car. Harvey sees a mysterious figure in the fog. Dumping Julie off at Morse's flat, they go to Tewfik's shop and break in through the back door. Eamonn knocks over boxes. They explore the shop, then decide that Tewfik has escaped them. In sneaking back out, they are confronted by a bobby and all run like hell.

Feb 21 - Lazlo and Roget are joined at the Frog & Peach by Adrian Torrence, a student of French archaeology and aquaintence of Lazlo's from the states. He has some useful ideas. Roget buys some frankincense. (Outside of gametime, Daphne and Morse take Julie to the hospital, where she is recommended for instant commitment to St. Mary Bethlehem (Bedlam) Asylum.) Lazlo reads, and Adrian ponders clues. They decide to break into the Penhew Foundation. Lazlo watches the front, while Adrian and Roget sneak around the back. They climb over the fence, Roget picks the lock on the back door; in a storeroom they find a sarcophagus; pressing the eyes on the sarcophagus twice causes it to rotate aside. They decend into Gavigan's secret room and find all manner of interesting objects. Roget unpacks a statue so disturbing that he runs screaming from it in terror. They pack a number of books and scroll cases into crates. Lazlo is dispatched to get bags from the hotel. Roget sneaks back into Gavigan's office to steal the money, but is heard by the cleaning lady. As they are passing the loot out through the fence, they are spotted by the night guard. Roget charges him and punches him out. They flee with the loot, but are stopped after a few blocks by a bobby. Unable to convince the policeman of their innocence, they attack him and do him grave injury before fleeing once again. Lazlo is unable to find them and goes back to the hotel to call Morse.

Sunday Feb 22 - Roget and Adrian are found hiding on a fire escape by one Sylvia Merchant, who invites them in and makes them tea. Roget calls Lazlo for pickup; Adrian opts to spend the night, and returns to Lazlos hotel room around 11 am. Shortly thereafter, 3 cultists (posing as bellhops) attack them in the hotel and are quickly though messily dispatched. Adrian and Roget beat feet to Paddington station to get a train for Southampton. Lazlo stays behind to talk to the police and cover up the participation of his companions in the firefight. He moves his and Harveys stuff to another hotel, then spends the night roaming the city. Adrian and Roget get the boat to Calais, and spend the night in a fleabag hotel near the docks.

Feb 23 - Upon returning to his hotel, Lazlo finds that the stolen money from the Penhew Foundation has been planted in his luggage. He disposes of it in a nearby dumpster. Roget and Adrian go to the house of Roget's brother in Paris to stay and wait for other party members to arrive. Lazlo hooks up with Harvey, they depart for France. Morse follows that night.

Feb 24-A day of reading and reflection. Tickets are purchsed for the Venice Simplon Orient Express.


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