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The Lion's Den



Feb 25-Mar 4-A Ride on the Orient Express. Much reading and reflection. Upon arrival in Port Said, go through customs, register firearms and medication. Train from Port Said to Cairo. Check into Shepherds Hotel.

Thursday Mar 5-Meet Akamo and Tyrone; hire Mahamoud as a guide. Go to the shop of Faraz Najir, hear story of its destruction from neighbors. Finding the true shop, chased out by Najir wielding a scimitar.

Mar 6-Harvey and Roget go to Najir; Akamo and Tyrone search for the Penhew dig; Daphne and Lazlo go to the Egyptian Museum and meet Dr. Ali Khafour. Learn about the Black Pharaoh.

Mar 7-Harvey and Morse go talk to Najir again, with little result. Less money is given to Mahamoud in light of his spendthrift ways.

Sunday, Mar 8-Lazlo and Morse go to Giza and see the sights. Harvey reads books. Mahamoud is dispatched to look for the Dutchman.

Mar 9-Harvey and Morse stake out Najir. Janwillem is located; Lazlo, Morse, and Harvey go to speak to him. All notice the abundance of cats in the area.

Mar 10-Mahamoud bathes. Go back to speak to Janwillem; convince him to join them at Shepheards. See cat in hotel, booby trap room. Harvey and Lazlo go to the dig near Memphis and meet Jodphur Boy.

Mar 11-Staking out dig at Memphis, Harvey is bitten by a red cobra. Roget witnesses a mysterious woman following Janwillem.

Mar 12-Roget, Akomo, and Daphne go to Najir to offer him a bribe. Then visit the mosque of Ibn Tulun, plan a break-in.

Mar 13-Akomo punches Janwillem in the face, then takes him out, gets him drunk. Akomo meets Neris, sees the black panther in the alley. Roget and Daphne attempt to break into the Mosque but are chased off by a man with a scimitar.

Mar 14-The party is joined by Gerard, a geologist. Janwillem flees the hotel; Morse climbs out on the roof to follow a cat. Roget follows Morse. No injuries ensue. They finally find Janwillem; Roget is threatened by Nerisif the scrolls are not returned, all will die. Naturally, they opt to return the scrolls. Find a mysterious temple of Bast beneath Cairos streets, save Janwillems bacon.

Sunday, March 15-Harvey and Lazlo go to Gezira Mohammed to meet Omar Shakti under pretense of being American cotton buyers. Nothing is amiss. Gerard, Morse, Roget, and Janwillem go to the dig at Memphis, bluff their way in. Talk with Dr. Clive, Agatha, and Winfield. That night, Roget starts a fire in the supply tent, and searches Agathas tent in the chaos. Rogets guilt is suspected, and he takes Clive hostage in self-defense. Unexpectedly, Clive admits he serves the lords of darkness, and Roget opts not to kill him. Roget is wounded trying to escape, all are captured and tortured by Winfield, and then are rescued by Agatha and James Gardner. Flee into the desert during the dark of night.

Mar 16-Attacked by hideous creatures in the sand.

Mar 17-The room at Shepherds is plagued with asps and scorpions. Harvey, Lazlo and Mahamud change hotels. The party finds a village and charters a boat back toward Cairo.

Mar 18-Punting up the Nile.

Mar 19-Party arrivs in Cairo, to find Harvey and Lazlo gone. Mahamud appears, and guides them to the YMCA. Roget presses Agatha for a seance; Jackson Eliass spirit is contacted. Joined by Mohammed Adbul Abbaba, a man with a tommygun and a fez. He and Akomo go to the mosque of Ibn Tulun, but are confronted by an elderly guard. Akomo kills him, the body is hidden, an iron door discovered, but no progress made.

Mar 20-Harvey and Lazlo find Roget and Mohammed at the Y. Rogets wounds are treated; clues are reviewed.

Mar 21-investigation, embassies

Sunday, March 22-Warren Besart is located.

Mar 23-driving to Dashur. Arrive late afternoon, go to the Bent Pyramid. A secret door leads to the sanctum of the Black Pharaoh beneath the capstone. Strange signs and symbols adorn the walls; while writing these down, the party are surprised by the arrival of the Black Pharaoh himself. He shows them the true fate of the Carlisle Party, and warns them to cease their activities. Then he allows them to escape.

Mar 24-wake up to find jeep and guns gone. Mohammeds mind has come unhinged. Harvey and Lazlo rent a car for travel to Maidun. Bend axle, spend day fixing car. Arrive Maidun late afternoon and search ruins of the Collapsed Pyramid. Find nothing of interest.

Mar 25-Drive on to El Wasta to speak with Nyiti; she is not sane, but gives Harvey and Lazlo a gift of a slab of pinkish limestone. Spend the night at El Wasta.

Mar 26-Take a boat back to Dashur, climb the Red Pyramid. Find a spot where the slab may have been originally, but pieces are missing. Spend the night at Dashur.

Mar 27-Voyage back to Cairo to find a note from Morse; seek out Warren Bestart again to ask if he has the missing piece of stone. He does not. Spend night at new hotel.

Mar 28-Awaiting news from Morse, our heroes play basketball. Lazlo gets some chick action.

Sunday, March 29-A note from James Gardner, telling them Morse and Agatha have disappeared, and hinting at his theories concerning tunnels beneath the pyramids at Giza. Harvey goes to the library to read further on this topic; Lazlo goes to purchase guns.

March 30-a search of the ruins near the Menkaura pyramid discovers a hidden passageway. Our heroes quickly return to Cairo to purchase supplies for underground exploration, returning to the ruins in the late afternoon. Descent into the passage leads to a maze of tunnels beneath the sand. Voices are heard, foul winds blow, and the party are attacked by animal-headed demon creatures deep within the labyrinth. In the heat of battle, Mahamoud disappears; the creatures are killed, both Harvey and Lazlo wounded. In searching for Mahamoud, Daisy the Dilettante joins the hunt. Morse is found wandering the tunnels. The party discovers an evil ceremony in the Great Chamber; they attempt to foil it with guns and nightgaunts, to no avail. At last they flee for their lives, as the resurrected Queen Nitocris takes her dark throne....

March 31-Get the fuck outta dodge. A run through Giza, and a car theft. Morse is remandered to the care of the British Embassy. Hotels are cleared out and train tickets are purchased. When the trains are delayed, boats are sought. Surprised by cultists on the docks, a merry chase ensues and Mahamoud learns the power of firearms. The party seeks refuge at the American Consulate, where they obtain a ride in the back of a truck to Suez.

April 1-Arrive in Suez late evening, find a fleabag hotel.

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