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The Lion's Den



Thursday, April 22 - Embark on the boat to Shanghai. Meet John Smith, a self-employed enterprenieur who happened to be an acquaintence of Jackson Elias.

April 22-May 1 - Travel through Bombay, Ceylon, Manila, and other exotic ports of call. The party is unable to appreciate this broadening experience as they are all too busy reading evil books.

Friday, May 1 - Arrive Shanghai, check into the Cathay hotel. Hire a translator, Li Wen-Cheng, a devout Methodist. Roget, Daisy, Eammon, and John go to the Stumbling Tiger Bar and ask questions of the bartender. Jack Brady has been there, but not recently. Harvey, Lazlo, Daphne and Annabel scope out Ho Fongs warehouse, and make an appointment for the next day. On the way back to the Bund, scan the docks for signs of a ship marked DAR.

May 2 - Lazlo and Daphne meet with Ling How, request information about the shipments from the Penhew Foundation to Ho Fong Imports. Alas, little progress is made, and they decide to resort to criminality. Roget, John, and Harvey pore through harbor records, to find that a boat called The Dark Mistress is sometimes docked in the English concession. It is registered to an Arthur Penhurst.

May 3 - Daisy, John, and dilettante Nick return to the Cathay hotel late, waking in the wee hours to find their rooms beset by hostile Chinamen. They decamp, regrouping at The Cheap Hotel. Early in the afternoon, they return to the Stumbling Tiger to talk further with McChum. He reveals the knowledge that Jack Brady may be running guns to and from Rangoon, and that he has a girl here in Shanghai, so he always come back, yeah! Heartened, they go to the house of the horribly cursed Mr. Lung to have their fortunes told. Sadly their fortunes include the loss of POW (for Nick) and the loss of SAN (for all, as they witness the horrific death of Mr. Lung at the hands of the cat demon.)

Monday, May 4 - Much discussion over where to proceed, as Jack Monterey brings an entertainer named Gytha to join the party. Jack, Nick, and Gytha go to the Seamens Club to investigate the subsidance, and learn that Brady had been staying there at the time. Harvey and Daisy go back again to the warehouse district, where their lack of proficiency in Chinese slows down their progress. They do learn that Lazlo and Daphne were in the area, but dismissed Mr. Li midafternoon on the pretext of soaking up local color. A phone call to Ho Fong imports yields little. Upon returning to the Stumbling Tiger, their persistant mention of Jack Brady attracts unwanted attention. They flee in rickshaws, going back again to the warehouse district, but run afoul of some local sailors and end up back in jail. Daisy loses her flask.

May 5 - A return to the Stumbling Tiger, wherein McChum informs them that they are living on borrowed time. Suspicions confirmed by a uniformed man in the street. Decision is made to leave Shanghai for Rangoon; they contract with a boat captain, Charles, and his dwarf mechanic, Roy. Emily the lounge singer also joins the group. Set sail for Rangoon.

For Further Adventures in Shanghai, Please See China Part II.
Thank You.