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Relevant Articles Found at The Scoop, London's Most Respected Tabloid.


An unidentified foreigner was found floating in the Thames this Tuesday, the 24th victim in a series of bizarre slayings.

Though Inspector James Barrington of the Yard had no immediate comment, sources exclusive to The Scoop agreed that the victim had been beaten severely by one or more assailants and then stabbed through the heart.

This series of murders has continued over the space of three years, to the bafflement of our faithful Metropolitans. Must we hope that Mr. Sherlock Holmes, though reported by Mr. Doyle to be in retirement, will one last time rise to the defense of our majestic isles?

Readers of The Scoop are reminded that this esteemed journal has a standing reward for information leading to the apprehension and conviction of the perpetrators, in an amount now risen to 24 with the latest death. Be on guard!

Shocking Canvases Bring Recognition
Local Artist's Monstrous Scenes Mock "Surrealists"

Now collectors can buy savage scenes which rival or surpass the worst nightmares of the Great War, but which are far more exotic than that grim business.

London artist Miles Shipley's work is being sought out by collectors, who have paid up to 300 for individual paintings.

This correspondant has seen dozens of the works of artist Miles Shipley, and finds them repulsive beyond belief. Maidens ravished, monsters ripping out a man's innards, shadowy grotesque landscapes, and faces grimacing in horror represent only a fraction of Shipley's work.

Withal their repellant content, these works are conceived and executed with uncanny versimilitude, almost as though the artist had worked from photographs of alien places surely never on this Earth!

The artist reportedly is in contact with "other dimensions" in which powerful beings exist, and says he merely renders visible his visions.

Mr. Shipley is a working-class man without formal artistic training, who has nonetheless made good where thousands have failed.

Art critics say Shipley provides an English answer to the Continental artistic movement of "surrealism," whose controversial practitioners have still to convince John Bull that the way in which a thing is painted is more important than what is painted.

A tip of the hat to Miles Shipley for exposing those frauds!