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The Lion's Den
Penhew Break-In



(From the Feb 22 London Times)

A burglar or burglars forced their way into the Penhew Foundation for Egyptological Studies yesterday evening. The break-in was discovered by the cleaning woman; when the night watchman investigated, he found the intruders still on the premises.

"I turned my flashlight on them, and suddenly one of them ran at me like a crazy man!" said Mustapha Ali, the security guard. Ali bravely engaged in fisticuffs with the brazen burglar, but was knocked unconcious and thrown down the cellar stairs. Upon witnessing this shocking event, the cleaning woman quickly phoned the police.

Edward Gavigan, director of the Foundation, was summoned by police to examine the scene. While the full collection of priceless artifacts is far too large to enumerate, Gavigan stated that a number of items were missing from the museum on the second floor, as well as a quantity of money from an office safe. Gavigan refused to draw a connection between this burglary and the startling events at his Essex home one week ago. "I am confident that this is the work of amateurs," Gavigan told this reporter.


Murderous thugs attacked and gravely wounded a police constable last night in the Bloomsbury district. Constable Richard Stinson was brutally beaten and left for dead by two or more attackers around 11 pm Saturday night.

A motive for this senseless act of violence was unknown, but a burglary occurred at the neighboring Penhew Foundation for Egyptological Study shortly before the attack. Constable Warren Harding, responding to Stinson's whistle, witnessed two men fleeing the scene with some sort of heavy boxes; Harding was unable to apprehend the suspects, and soon lost them in the fog.

Constable Stinson was taken to Mercy Hospital and treated for his injuries, but it is not known if he will survive. Anyone with information concerning this heinous crime should contact Sergeant Treacher of the Bloomsbury police.