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The Lion's Den
Mohammed's Letter



Being the letter found, upon awakening, by Harvey and Lazlo in their hotel in Dashur.

Dear Sirs,

I see now that your plan all along was to lure me to that den of evil. I know of your vile scheme. All white men are in league with the dark gods. You wish to enslave and torture my people. I can not allow you to carry out your evil deeds. I already see how you are corrupting younge mahamoud. You used your filthy money to lure in our innocents. I will not be fooled like the natives on the Carlyle Expedition, I will not fall into that trap. Allah will split you like rotted fruit so they can truly see how the black ichor of the dark gods has tainted your souls. You are all English Pig Dogs.

Respectfully Yours,
Muhammad Ali Abbaba