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The Lion's Den


Cairo Notes

Being Daphne's notes of the early Cairo exploration

Nazir Info
Carlyle wanted info on Black Pharoh - Snephera 1st Pharoho
4th Dynasty - Items - (Scroll w/map/Bust of Black PH/Drum w/
Symbols of Power/Crown w/stone(key) circlet w/large zircon said to be crown of black pharoah)) - Warren Besart Agent (for Carlyle) - sold
stuff to - Fire shortly after - Dark Brotherhood pissy - home of
Man named Omar Shakti (lesser son of fine family) - member of
Brotherhood - item in Mosque of Ibn Telum

Iben Telum - City of Dead Km South
-2nd Oldest mosque in Cairo most complete
876 AD Amad 5s founder of Telum dynasty

-19th cen - used as a Asylum for old people -renewed now
-Designed by Christian - New materials (not recycled)
-Freeze w/wood from Ararat

Shakti -lives outside Cairo on Plantation
Gezira Mohammed - Plantation on West Bank.

Nephramka- Hello my name is Eric

Being notes taken by Roget from an interview with Dr. Khafour and other sources

Stuff we ought to do in Egypt
Carlye exp was to Cario
Victoria Bar, Nails Nelson in Nairobi
Mombasa Kenya where Erica went to look for Carlyle Exp
Nairobi where Carlyle got "killed", blame Nandi tribe
Kikuyu tribesmen credit for discovery of bodies
Mr. Harris was leader of colongy when near massacre
Carlyle was in Great Rift Mountain
Street of Jackles in the old Quarter
Turff Club where they had dinner
May 1919, 3rd Dynasty Black Pharoh, secret purposes
a rhosovery period, giza, saquara, dhashaur
(not related to known 3rd dynasty places) July 1919 departed for Mombassa suddenly,

Clive Party - other Penhue Foundation in Egypt
at this time, Giza, Henry Clive,
Queen Nitocris (mysterious) 6th dynasty, was
stolen- buried alive -end of 3rd dynasty. Nephren Ka came
to Egypt- BAD!!! - from Aram/City of Pillars -Black Pharaoh
worshippers interchangeable - fought w/Zoser usurpers for control-they
gone now - Senephru thwarted him w/Isis - pyramid build
to contain him @ Meidum - 2nd pyramid is Bent and Red Pyramid - removed
and put in Bent Pyramid and Red Pyramid guards - remaining
worshippers driven past Sudan - Nitocris revived the cult - also called Narelapatath

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