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The Lion's Den


Shanghai/Rangoon Notes

Being Roget's new intensive note taking program

Shaing Hai
Jack Brady in Rangoon Running Guns, Pow Tock Bar
to find Jack in Rangoon.

went to factory and chinese sailors came
Daphne and Lazlo disappeared May 1st or 2nd, Night of 1st

5-4 we went to Stumbling Tiger McChum Bartender at Stumbling Tiger, might be able to tell us to where or who Jack Brady's girlfriend is, he doesn't know but tells us about Pow Tock.
H Fong Big Buisnessman

We go to Rangoon , we got to get all of our stuff

The Eclipse takes place Jan 1st of teh upcoming year, aka the pb black R Pharoh comes down and eats the world, we will ask about Ho Fong in Hong Kong while we stop there for a day and get some new weapons for Daisy and Githa, we find nothing about Ho Fong.

5-20 we arrive in Rangoon we get directions to the Pow tock and Harvey, Emily, and I go to the bar, the boat in the photo from New York is called Dark Mistress; we go to the bar and don't get much, the gu says that he has seen him around, Charles will work the gun-running aspect to find Jack Brady , we go back to bar to stack it out

Still in Rangoon
Charles is told to talk to Dave, a welsh man, specializes in guns, Drink at Broken Kettle booth 4, we find out nothing at the bar, We go back to hotel, Charles goes to the Broken Kettle .Jack went to Pondi Chery, and spent a lot of time at Golden Pagoda. Stepped on toes of Chinese gangsta. Dangerous Gangsters at Pow Tock. Curious about construction of Pagoda. Some people call them Tong of Great Woman. The Ho Fong statue that was supposed ot be shipped to Ho Fong from Penhue was a prival woman made of Brass.

Being Dale's notes picking up where Roget left off, but with less underlining.

Golden Pagoda: asked around for Jack Brady. Brother Sahm showed photo of
Carlyle Expedition around. Pagodaa is shrine for relic:
8 hairs of the Buddha. Mandala and small replica of pagoda
in center of temple. Horlong saw Jack Brady a day ago
(Horlong is slow. His memory may not be reliable.)
Lan Mei (?), abbot, saw Brady 2 weeks ago. Brady
was interested in the inscriptions in the Pagoda.The inscriptions
deal with an ancient time when magic held sway. Abbot
wouldn't tell us specifically about the inscriptions. Brady
went to Ponti Cherry. Abbot knows Brady is on a very
dangerous journey with lots of enemies.
* We should find out more about inscriptions.