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The Lion's Den



King Aethelred the Over-Ready

Yes, it's true. I'm a painting prostitute.

Welcome to my world.

I've been painting wargame figures for about 13 years now;
mostly self-taught, though my earliest efforts were supervised by such Indianapolis old-schoolers
as the Lortz Brothers, George Toplis, Jim McFatridge, Mike Nall, and Steve Whiteside.
Most of my painting is still done on my own behalf--
I have tons of my own figures, mostly fantasy, some historical,
taking up space in my far-too-small house. But I also paint for money, thus my prostitute alter-ego.
I've painted hundreds of orcs among Mike Nall's thousands; painted bloodbowl teams, 40K units,
special characters galore, and even a surprisingly large commission of 15mm historicals.

The links off this page will take you to a small gallery of my work. If you're looking for a painter, hopefully this will help convince you to give me a shot! Well, after I finish all those lizardmen for Evan....

Click HERE for the mighty dwarf army!

Click HERE to see Sam Francisco's Dwarven Miners!

Click HERE to see Zulu Warriors and DBA Armies!

Click HERE for Cthulhu Investigators!