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The Lion's Den



June 4-9— Boat to Mombasa.

Tuesday, June 9— Arrive Mombasa, go to the warehouse of Ahja Singh. Are told that Mr. Singh is on a buying trip, but will be back in 4-6 weeks if the honored guests would care to wait. Honored guests decide to break in that night instead. Joe meets with difficulties en route. While looking through the import records, they are set upon by guards; Emily and Joe retreat, leaving Charles and Roget to fight the guards. Charles is stabbed, and Roget kicks some butt before leaving emptyhanded.

June 10— Tickets purchased on the Uganda Railway, First Class. Depart for Nairobi.

June 11, early—In the wee hours of the morning, Joe smells smoke. A red glow outside the window quickly turns their compartment into a firey inferno! All flee to the corridor; Joe’s passage to the dining car is blocked by blue ball of fire, and he is burned as the others turn to escape out the back. Climbing to the roof of the White car, they find it in flames. Roget leaps dramatically over the sea of fire and onto the roof of the dining car; Emily and Charles retreat below as the red ball of fire pursues Roget. Joe joins the bucket brigade as it attempts to extinguish the blue blaze. It is finally destroyed with water and sand. Meanwhile, Roget has led the red fireball up the train to third class, where it is set upon and extinguished. The first class car is completely destroyed, and our heroes are blamed for their carelessness with matches.

June 11—Arrive Nairobi mid-morning, check into the Hampton House Hotel, and sleep for the rest of the day. Rising at dinnertime, the investigators dine on the verandah and purchase a newspaper telling of the train disaster. They take an evening stroll to the newspaper office and chat with Mrs. Smythe-Forbes, the paper’s owner, editor, and writer. They learn more of the Carlyle expedition’s stay in Nairobi, and more about the discovery of the bodies. Another mysterious fireball attacks the newspaper, but is destroyed by Emily and company. A trip to the Victoria Bar fails to discover Nails Nelson.

June 12—Breakfast on the verandah, then off to the headquarters of the Royal African Rifles. A Captain Montgomery informs them that Lt. Mark Selkirk is dead, a victim of an accidental fire some years ago. Other witnesses to the discovery of the Carlyle party have been transferred or moved on; only Sgt. Leonard Bumption remains, and he is summoned to give his account to the party. They then go to meet Sam Mariga at the railway station.He takes them to meet Johnstone Kenyatta, a Kenyan nationalist, at the headquarters of the Kikuyu Central Organization. Kenyatta listens to their tale, and offers to introduce them to someone who can help. They are taken to the village of Boyovu, where they meet the brusque Okomu and his master, Old Bundari. Bundari and Okomu tell them much concerning the Bloody Tongue cult and its sacred Mountain of the Black Wind. Bundari presents them with two gifts; an ebony flywhisk and Who-Is-Not-What-She-Seems.

June 13—Sam Mariga offers to guide the party and purchase supplies. Telegrams are sent. A machine gun is purchased. Pictures are taken. That night, a trip to the Loyal Defender Pub turns up Nails Nelson, who turns out to be less useful than expected. Charles tells him of their safari hunt for hidden treasure, and promises to meet Nails here tomarrow night to sign him in on the adventure. Emily almost gets picked up again.

June 14—Blow off Nails.

June 15—Nails appears at the hotel despite their best efforts, and he joins the party as general assistant and bullet shield. He agrees to meet them and Sam the next day at noon. That night, Joe is awakened by a noise in the room; a native in Bloody Tongue garb is going through their posessions. He attempts escape with the flywhisk, but is tackled and beaten by Roget, Charles, and Joe. The native is placed under arrest by the local constabulary.

June 16-20 —Journey toward the Aberdare Forest and mountains, guided by a map drawn by Okomu. Other travellers are seen on the road toward the Mountain of the Black Wind. Party struggles to catch flies and keep Nails partially sober.

Saturday, June 20—Arrive at Ndovu village. Sam cautions against mentioning their true mission. Set up a base camp, resupply, and learn that a dozen locals have disappeared in recent weeks.

June 21—Continue onward. Forest becomes more lush and tropical, until Sam is hacking a path with his machete. Suddenly, their path strikes a clearing in the forest. It smells of foulness and corruption; nothing grows here, and no animal tracks cross it. The ground is spongy and unwholesome. Roget takes a dirt sample. Some Indians are spotted travelling in the same direction as the party, and are avoided.

June 22—Cutting through a mountain pass, it becomes harder and harder to avoid the crowds of people travelling toward the Mountain. They are confronted with a machete-weilding Nandi, who demands to know the password. A hurried discussion amongst the party yields the answer “M’Weru.” Unfortunately, this is incorrect, and only a clever ruse from Charles is able to forestall disaster. (At least for a few hours....)

Nyaagh fshtathn fshtathn Nyarlathotep I’a I’a ghatanaoathan p’tagh Ygnaiih
EEE-yayayayayayaaa-haaaahaaahaaahaaa-ngh’aa ngh’aaaa-yaa-ya-yaa Hei Aa-sshanta ‘nygh Ynai’ng’ngah zhro Ia! IA! IA! IA! IA!

June 24-July 2—Roget, Emily, Joe, and Sam return to Nairobi. Annabelle, Charles, and Nails have been lost.