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RuneQuest Grimoire (by subject)

Spirit Magic
: Cast it on bladed weapons, it’s +5% to hit and +1dp per point of spell.
Bludgeon: Cast it on blunt weapons, it’s +5% to hit and +1dp per point of spell.
Disruption: 1pt. R, Instant. Does 1d3dp to missile hit location. Armor does not protect.
Fanaticism: 1pt, R, T, P. Increases attack% by half again; halves dodge. No parry or defense.
Firearrow: 2pts. T, T, P. Cast on a missile, does 3D6 dp if the missile hits.
Fireblade: 4pts. T, T, P. Edged weapons only. Does 3D6 instead of normal weapon damage.
Ironhand: V, T, T, P. Each pt. adds 1dp to a hit, +5% chance to hit.
Multimissile: V, T, T, P. Creates a second missile, same damage as first. Separate rolls.
Speedart: 1pt. T, one melee rnd. Adds 15% to chance and 3dp to any missile.

Divine Magic
Berserk: 2pts. Not stackable. Storm Bull. Doubles attack %, cannot feel pain,
retreat, dodge, parry, or cast magic. Lose 100 FP when expired.
Lightning: 1pt. R, I, S, R. Orlanth. Overcome their MP, and lightning does 1d6 past armor.
Mindblast: 2pt. R, I, N, R. Red Goddess. Overcome victim's MP and destroy his INT for caster's POW/2days. Special success does 1D6+2 to their head.
Sunspear: 3 pt. R, I, N, R. Yelm, Yelmalio. Direct sunlight. 1m diam. cylinder of damage descends on caster's LOS target. 4D6 to total HP, only thinnest armor counts. Sureshot: 1pt. R, T, N, R. Aldrya, Odalya. Cast on missile weapon. You hit on a 01-95, regardless of range (within reason), cover, movement of target, etc.
Thunderbolt: 3 pt. R, I, S, R. Orlanth. 51% cloud cover needed. 3D6 to total HP. Only countermagic protects. Additional points can add targets.
True (weapon): 1pt. R, T, N, R. Humakt, Yelmalio, others. Doubles a weapon's normal damage.

Damage Boosting: R,P,T. Cast on any weapon up to 5 Enc. +1 damage per spell level.
Palsy: R,P,T. Overcome target MP with caster MP; immobilizes random hit loc if intensity is greater than HP of location.
Venom: R,P,I. Poison equal to spell intensity infuses the victim if the caster overcomes his MP. See “poisons” for effect of this.

Spirit Magic
Befuddle: 2pt. Victim must fail an INTx5 roll to recover.
Demoralize: 2pt. Victim’s attacks are at half chance. They have one chance to roll INTx1 to recover.
Countermagic: Defends against incoming spells, if they are two less than level of
spell they disappear. If two more, Countermagic is lost. If equal or within one, both go.
Dispel Magic: 1-1 exchange for regular spells, Divine magic costs twice as much.
Dullblade: Reduces damage of a weapon by 1pt. per spell pt.
Protection: V, R, T, P. Adds 1pt of whole body armour per MP spent.
Shimmer: V, R, T, P. Each MP subtracts 5% from enemy's attack %.
Slow: V, R, T, P. Slows target 1m/SR for each point of spell.
Spirit Screen: V, R, T, P. Spirit armor. Each pt. adds 2 to characteristic being attacked.

Divine Magic
Absorption: 1pt. Ranged, Temporal, Stackable, Reusable. Ernalda and Khyger Lytor.
Absorbs enemy spells, turning them into usable magic points. 1pt. will absorb 1pt. of Divine or 2 pts. or Sorcery/Spirit magic.
Fear: 1pt. R, I, S, R. Red Goddess, Zorak Zoran? Overcome their MP and roll on the fear table.
Madness: 1pt. R, I, N, R. Red Goddess. Overcome their MP and roll on the Madness table.
Reflection: 1pt. R, T, S, R. Eurmal. Spells which fail to overcome MP will be reflected back at caster on the next SR. 1pt affects 2 pts spirit/sorcery or 1 pt divine.
Shield: 1pt. R,T, S, R. Orlanth, Humakt. Each pt gives 2pts armor and 2pts countermagic. Stacks with Protection and Countermagic. Does not dispell when overcome.
Spirit Block: 1pt R, T, S, R. Each pt. adds 10 to castee's MP value for spirit combat purposes. Not compatitble with Absorption, Reflection, and Shield.

Cast Back: R,P,T. Boomerangs unsuccessful spells of equal or less MP.
Damage Resistance: R,P,T. Damage must overcome spell level on resistance table. If not, all damage is deflected. If so, all damage comes through spell and is resolved normally.
Neutralize Magic: R,A,I. Points of intensity vs. points of target spell.
Spell Resistance: R,P,T. MP of attacking spell against intensity of resistance.
Spirit Resistance: R,P,T. Each intensity adds 1pt to target’s spirit defense.
Stupefaction: R,P,T. Overcome their MP with intensity greater than their free INT, and they become a babbling idiot for the duration.

Spirit Magic

Heal: V, T, Instant. Heals 1dp per mp spent. Other species from caster cost double.
Divine Magic
Heal Body: 3pt T,I,N, R. Chalana Arroy, Ernalda. Nuff said.
Heal Wound: 1pt. T, I, N, R. Heals one HP for each MP put in.
Regrow Limb: 2pt. T, Sp., N, R. Grain Goddesses, Esrola. Look it up when the time comes.
Resurrect: 3pt. Ceremony Ritual, N, One-use. See p.36 for necessary conditions.
Immortality: No. You can’t have it.
Regnerate: T,P,1 week. Regen 1HP of missing limb per week per level. Cannot be continued.
Treat Wounds: T,P, One Hour. Increases natural healing time. 1hp/hour per location.


Spirit Magic
Coordination: Add +1 to DEX for each pt. of spell.
Endurance: Adds 5 fatigue pts. for every spell pt.
Glamour: Each pt. adds 2 to subject's APP.
Mobility: Add 1m of move/SR per point. Add 1 Fatigue for each 3 pts of spell.
Strength: Each pt. adds 3 STR to target. Caps out at twice current STR.
Vigor: Each pt. adds 2 CON to target. Caps out at twice current CON.

Divine Magic
Restore Health (to Characteristic): 1pt. T, I, S, R. Each pt. restores 1 pt. of a characteristic decreased by disease or Tap spells, up to its original value. No spell for POW.

Diminish (characteristic): T,T,P. Temporarily decreases characteristic, 1pt per spell level.
Drain: R,P,I. Each level causes loss of 1D6 fatigue in target.
Enhance (characteristc): T,T,P. Temporarily increases characteristic, 1pt per spell level.
Haste: R,P,T. Add 1m to Move rate of target per level. Adds extra 1pt fatigue/MR/level.
Hinder: R,P,T. Subtract 1m from move rate of target per level. Each 2 lev. add 1 to target DSR.
Tap (characteristic): T,A,T. Permenantly turn their attribute points into your magic points or fatigue. This is a very bad karma spell and is frowned upon in polite society.

Spirit Magic
Detect Enemies:
1pt R, T, A. Dowsing for enemies. Nearest one within 100m.
Detect Magic: 1pt. R, T, A. Dowsing for magic. Not spirits, but things without MP like undead.
Detect (substance): 1pt. R, T, A. Same as above. Will penetrate 1m of stone or dirt etc.

Divine Magic
Find Enemy; 1pt R,T, N, R. Like detect enemies above. Can be cast on a friend--share and enjoy.
Find (Substance): 1pt. R, T, N, R. Like Detect substance above.

Sense (substance): R,A,I. Cause all substance within range to glow, penetrates 1m of blockage/level.

Spirit Magic
Control (spirit)
: 1pt. Ranged, Temporal, Active. After winning spirit combat. See p. 19.
Darkwall: 2pt. R, T, P. Creates a wall of darkness 10mx10mx10cm. Moves at a rate of 1m/sr.
Extinguish: V, R, Instant. Puts out fire, cools hot objects. 1=candle, 2=small fire, 3=bonfire, etc.
Farsee: V, R, T, P. Each point halves apparent distance between caster and object. Search +5%.
Glue: V, T, T, P. Each pt. = 10cm of glue. STR of glue=mpx10. Will not stick to flesh.
Ignite: 1pt. R, Instant. Cannot ignite skin, but will do hair or fur if target's MP are overcome.
Light: 1pt. R, T, P. Must be cast on an object. Lights a 10m radius with lantern light.
Lightwall: 4pts. R, T, P. Creates a wall of light 10mx10mx10cm. Can move at 1m/SR.
Mindspeech: V, R, T, P. One point per participant. Only in contact with caster, not a chain.
Repair: V, T, Instant. All parts of object must be present to win. 1MP fixes 1d10 DP.
Second Sight: 3pts. R, T, P. Lets user see POW aura of living things.
Silence: V, T, T, P. Each pt. of spell adds 5% Sneak skill to target.
Visibility: 2pts. Self ,T, P. Gives spirits form on mundane plane. See p. 22.

Divine Magic
Bless Crops: 1pt. R, I, N, R. Esrola. Gives you a guaranteed avarage crop.
Breathe Air/Water: 2pts. R, T, N, R. Magasta and Zola Fel. Effects self-explanitory.
Cloud Call: 1pt. T, S, R. Orlanth. Increases cloud cover--it may rain! Get the weather dice.
Cloud Clear: 1pt. T, S, R. Yelm, Yelmalio. Reduces cloud cover, 1% per MP. See World chap.
Command (Species): 2pt. R,T,N,R Everybody. Take control of a non-sentient creature by overcoming its MP. Giving a command requires caster's full concentration for 1MR.
Dispel Magic: 1pt. R,I,S,R. Each point cancels 2pts of spirit magic or sorcery, or 1pt. of divine.
Extension: 1pt. NR, T,S, R. This extends any temporal divine spell. Each point doubles the previous duration. Must be cast in the same round as the spell it affects.
Float: 1pt. R, T, S, R. Magasta or Zola Fel. Each point will float 100kg at water level. Lighter objects will bob, heavier will sink slowly.
Illusions: 1pt. R, T, S, R. Eurmal, Red Goddess. See individual descriptions.
Mindlink: 1pt. R, T, S, R. Each point allows mind to mind communication between 2 people. You can daisychain this affect: A>B>C does not link A and C directly.
: 1pt. Ceremony Ritual, S, R. 10m radius sphere is blessed; caster will know if any non-intiates, spells, or spirits enter. Additional points increase radius by halves.
Soul Sight: 1pt. R, T, N, R. Lets you see POW of living beings and MP of objects and creatures.
Spellteaching: 1pt. Summon Ritual, N,R. Priest or Init. can summon cult spell spirits, in temple or sanctified area, and give them to recipient to learn.
Warding: 1pt. Enchanting Ritual, S, R. Each pt. is one pt of countermagic, 2pts of spirit resistance, and does 1D3 random hit location to anyone crossing the boundary.
Worship (deity): 1pt. Ceremony Ritual, N, R. Allows a priest to lead a formal worship ceremony for that god. If it is done on a holy day on holy ground, priests get a POW gain roll. If held on the high holy day of the cult, all priest and intitiates get a POW gain roll.

Animate (Substance): R,A,T. Animate 1 SIZ of substance per spell lev. Caster’s DEXx3 to accomplish tasks succcessfully, at movement 1m/MR.
Apprentice Bonding: Ritual Cer. Mentally bonds apprentice to master, for cost of 1 POW.
Create ---: see Ritual magic.
Dominate (species): R,A/P,T. Spell level vs creature’s magic points.
Fly: R,A,T. 1 SIZ may move at 1m/MR in any direction. SIZ and speed increase per level.
Form/Set (substance): R,A,T. Change shape of 1kg of solid, or 1m3 of etheral substance. May be used offensively; see magic book for details.
Glow: R,P,T. On an object at least 1 cubic cm. Each level=1m radius of reading light.
Holdfast: T,P,T. Cause 2 adjascent 10cmx10cm surfaces to comingle. 1 STR bond per level.
Mystic Vision: R,A,T. You can physically see: auras of things with MP; magic items; spells.
Phantom (sense): R,A,T. Illusory senses. Full description on p. 49.
Protective Circle: T,P,T. Use in combination with resistance spells; see full description.
(sense) Projection: R,A,T. Extemd caster’s sense anywhere within spell range. This POV may move at 1m/SR.
Shapechange (species) to (species): T,P,T. Intensity must >= Mp of target, overcome its MP with yours. SIZ remains constant.
Skin of Life: T,P,T. Prevents asphxyiation. up to 5 SIZ per intensity.
Smother: R,A,T. Causes asphyxiation. 1D4 dp/rnd. Can also smother non-magical fires.
Telepathy: R,A,T. Mind-to-Mind communication between 2 people. Each intensity adds one extra person. You must whisper the thoughts to be heard, it is audible.
Teleport: R,A,I. Each intensity transports 1 SIZ to a pre-prepared location.

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