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The Lion's Den


Lands of Glorantha

Glorantha is a lozenge shaped world, consisting of a northern continent (Genertela) and a southern continent (Pamaltela.) The sea that separates these two continents is vast, and for the purposes of our campaigns, impassible except through divine intervention of some sort. There are also two large island kingdoms at the eastern and western edges of the world, called Jrustela and Vormain. At the center of the ocean is a tremendous whirlpool, called Magasta’s pool after the god of storms and the sea.

Genertela is the continent about which we know the most; the hero wars take place there, and so it’s there that we set our campaigns. Genertela is quite large, and communications between its areas are naturally poor in spots. What follows is general knowledge about the areas and kingdoms that comprise Genertela; if you want more details about an area.....go there!

PRAX A land of rolling grasslands, deserts, and gentle hills, inhabited primarily by nomadic herder tribes. A fertile river valley is the primary feature of Prax; the Zola Fel runs from its origins in the troll lands of Dagori Inkarth to the sea at Corflu. The Lunar Empire controls trade on the river, and has established many settlements and outposts in Prax, with the center of their power being the city of New Pavis. The Five Great Tribes of Prax are the Sable Riders, the Impala Riders, the High Llama Riders, the Bison Riders, and the Morocanth. There are also ten minor tribes, including the Rhino Riders, the Agrimori (also called the Men-and-a-Half) and the Bolo Lizard Folk. They inhabit the river valley and the vast wastelands to the east of the Zola Fel.

(MANERIA)DRAGON PASS is one of the most strategic areas in Glorantha, which is no doubt why the Lunars wish so badly to control it. It is the only passage through the Rockwood Mountains to the eastern part of the continent. It is also the most magical region of the world, and many myths and godtime stories center on events in Dragon Pass. Its northern part, the Kingdom of Tarsh, has been controlled by the Lunar Empire for some time. The southern part, the Kingdom of Sartar, has been surprisingly resistant to the Lunar advance. Areas of Dragon Pass explored by one or both of the campaigns include the town of Apple Lane, the city of Boldhome, the undead-infested Upland Marsh, and the Wasp’s Nest. Humans in Dragon Pass share space with dragonewts, Mostali (dwarves,) Aldryami (elves,) trolls, and ducks, plus many less common races of creatures.

(MANERIA) THE HOLY COUNTRY, also called Kethelia, lies to the south of Dragon Pass. Ruled by a mysterious, supposedly immortal individual called the Pharaoh, Kethelia controls the coastal trade in this part of Genertela including the pirate-infested Rightarm Islands. A city called Nochet is the heart of the Holy Country, and is one of the largest cities in the world. An ancient complex of troll cities sits beneath the Shadow Plateau at the center of Kethelia.

(MANERIA) WENELIA West of the Holy Country and south of the Mislari Mountains is the largest section of Maneria, called Wenelia. A vast forest called Arstola is one of the great forests of the Aldryami (elves.) Its culture is largely tribal, and many of the hated horse tribes come from Wenelian lands.

THE LUNAR EMPIRE The Lunar Empire is a religious and political organization which seeks to expand its terretory south and eastward. The areas presently controlled by the Lunars include Peloria, Carmania, and the kingdom of Tarsh. Lunars worship the Red Goddess, and the gods who brought her into being (the Seven Mothers.) Most Lunars are human, but there is a large colony of Lunar trolls at Blue Moon Plateau in the northern part of Peloria. The capital city of the Lunar Empire is called Glamour, a vast metropolis on the edge of a crater created by the Red Goddess herself.

RALIOS North and west of Dragon Pass is Ralios, bordered on three sides by mountains and on the fourth by the vast Tarinwood of the Aldryami. Most of the land is wild, except for a heavily settled and civilized area surrounding the fertile valley of Lake Felster.

SESHNELA A western land of vast ruins of past ages, feudal in organization. Here can be found what are left of the Brithini, a conservative race of sorcerors who follow an elaborate and rigid social caste system. During the great Darkness, Seshnela was one of the few strongholds of life on the surface, but their culture was destroyed five centuries ago by a powerful magical curse. Now it is a shadow of its former glory.

KRALORELA East of the Shan Shan Mountains lies the mysterious kingdom of Kralorela. They are quite isolated, and have little trade with westerners. The kingdom consists of several hundred islands and the lands along the eastern edge of Genertela. The people of Kralorela are pale skinned and dark haired, with what we would call Asian features. They have an elaborate social caste system, and worship the gods of their own Kralorelan pantheon.

PENT Pent is a vast wasteland of tundra, high steppes, and nomadic tribes. Its inhospitable climate makes it an unpopular destination, and there are few cities. The Pentish nomads, led by Sheng Seleris, dealt the Lunar Empire a serious defeat during the Third Age. However, a century ago their forces were crushed and driven back into Pent. The nomads now give their red haired children to the Lunars as hostages and tribute.

FRONELA The far western portion of Genertela is taken up by the huge terretory of Fronela. Fronela is divided into six areas or kingdoms, each with a different dominant culture. Travellers from Fronela to Prax are quite uncommon, but famous Fronelans such as Dormal the Sailor are known to everyone.

TESHNOS A small region of forest, savannah, and jungle to the southeast of Prax. It is inhabited by nomadic tribesmen, Hsunchen beastfolk (including the Turtle People) and a nation of amazonian women. This is one of the few places in Genertela where the Embyli (Yellow Elves) can be found, due to the hot and humid year-round climate.