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A Short History of Pavis
(exerpted from Pavis and the Big Rubble,
c.1999 by Moon Design Publications.)

The Lion's Den



620 Battle of Necklace Horse. Praxian nomads are defeated by the Pure Horse People and their allies, and horse nomads settle in Prax.

Thanrax the Fair founds the city of Robcradle, and several treasure-rich giant’s cradles are captured here within a few years.

Paragua the giant, and his nomad ally Waha destroy the city of Robcradle, then settle there themselves. Giant-scale walls are built to defend their position.

Waha the Butcher and his allies the giants sack the city of Adari to the northwest. One of the refugees, a child named Pavis, escapes to the Empire of the Wyrm’s Friends.

Pavis, now a powerful sorceror, goes to Shadows Dance and animates the legendary Faceless Statue. With an army of allies, he marches to Paragua’s city and defeats the nomad armies while the statue engages the giants in the Too-Tall Battle. Waha flees, wounded, and Paragua is killed.

Pavis makes peace with Waha and heals his wounds. A new city is begun with the assistance of Pavis’ friend Flintnail, a dwarf. The wreckage of the faceless statue is used in the construction of the new city.

Pavis declares the city complete (enough) and releases the dwarves from their service.

Pavis retires to a secret chamber within his temple, and is not seen again.

Thog the giant brings an army of giants and trolls to attack the city. They overrun it and scatter the residents; the priests of Pavis hole up within the temple for defense.

877 Joraz Kyrem, Lord Pavis’ successor, returns with an army and new allies, the Sun Dome Templars. Thog is killed and the city is retaken.

Jaldon Goldentooth leads an army of Praxian nomads to Pavis and takes it. Nomads colonize the city and surrounding valley.

The Dragonkill War. All human life in neighboring Dragon Pass is destroyed. Prax is effectively cut off from contact with the rest of the world.

Toras Joran invades the city, and is the first to actually damage the temple of Pavis. He is driven off by a champion of Pavis, Balastor the Axe.

Gerak Kag, a troll lord from Dagori Inkarth, brings a vast army of trolls to invade Pavis. Their magic defeats the nomad horde, and Balastor is killed. Troll dominance within the walls begins, and their magic seals out the outside world for nearly 300 years.

The Dragonnewts’ Dream. Dragonnewt magic breaks the troll gates, and their influence is disrupted.

Duke Dorasor founds the city of New Pavis, outside the Big Rubble.

Dragonnewts build a temple in the Rubble.

1579 Dorasor dies; New Pavis becomes a Republic.

Lunar army invades Prax, defeats a nomad army, and captures New Pavis.