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Battle Report I

Being the first in a series of battles between Sekhem-Purri, Infamous Basti Harbinger, and Amun-Baaa, Black Goat of the Twilight Shadows.

Khemru Setup
Rule #1 for the elephant: take cover and stay there. Across the table are Sebeki warriors, Basti Archers, and Nekharu Warriors (left to right.)

Basti Lineup
Here my worthy opponent studies up on her Harbinger powers. What could she be plotting?

Beastmaster and Lions
The lions are not Crocodile Games' lions; these were from AEG's Clan Wars line, and I believe they were Bob Murch sculpts. I've had them for years, nice to finally put them to use.

Lions vs. Sebeki
Just before the charge/countercharge that left only The Butcher and 2 lions standing. The Sebeki were softened up by a hail of rocks from the slinger unit.

At last, the Provocation
There used to be a Nekharu unit where those Khemru are. Meanwhile, Sekhem-Purri is unable to withstand the might of Khanum. Victory!

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