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Welcome to the Painter's Den!

The Den is a small (very small) company that paints wargaming and fantasy miniatures on consignment. I sell some already painted minis, but by far the majority of my business is from gamers who have the miniatures they want, but lack the time for or interest in painting them themselves.

I paint fantasy, historical, and sci-fi figures, both 25mm and 15mm. Larger scale figures can be done by special request. I have two grades of paint job--basic quality and deluxe quality. Basic quality figures look great on the table, but are not painted in minute detail. Deluxe quality figures are painted the best I know how, and they look great from 3 inches away or three feet! As such, they take longer and cost more. If you are looking to have a large unit or an army painted in a reasonable amount of time, I recommend basic quality for the troops, and deluxe for your command group.

Please feel free to look over the prices and examples of painting on this site. Unless otherwise stated, the minis pictured on the site are NOT for sale--they are figures I have painted for myself or other customers. Thanks for your interest!

The Painters' Den is a freelance painting company based in Rocky Ripple, Indiana, USA. I accept all types of work--no job is too big or too small. My turnaround time varies greatly depending on the time of year and amount of work I have scheduled. When I receive a job from you I'll give you my best estimate as to when the job will be complete; if that estimate is off by more than a week, I will happily give you a 10% discount on the job as an apology for the delay. Obviously, the time required to paint an army is a lot more than the time required for a single figure. I'll do my best to give you a realistic sense of how quickly you'll see your figures back before you decide to send them to me.

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Please feel free to email with any questions you might have about my services! You can e-mail me at: