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The Lion's Den


New York

Thursday, Jan 15-Jackson Elias murdered in hotel room. Two cultists dead, one escaped. Gave full report to police, then retreated to Daphnes Long Island estate to plan.

Jan 16-Cornelius and Lazlo talk to Martin Poole, Kensington, and his secretary Hannah. Morse and Keep go to the Harbormaster and the library. Daphne and Roget go to Emerson Imports, and make a lunch date with Erica Carlisle.

Jan 17-Morse to Arkham to talk to Professor Cowles. Lazlo goes to Jacksons funeral. Daphne meets with Erica C. Cornelius and Julie train to Boston and ask Miriam Atwright for help at the library.

Jan 18-Harvey arrives from Arkham by train. Roget and Lazlo go to visit Patrick and Marie Bunet, then to the cops, then to the families of the other victims.

Jan 19-Harvey and Lazlo go to Emerson Imports; Roget goes to the NYU library to research. All go to the Juju House, shop around, talk to Silas NKwane. That night, cultists invade Daphnes house; 2 are killed, Harvey is injured. 3 cultists get away in the heavy snowstorm.

Jan 20-Snowed in. Lazlo proceeds to barracade the house and boobytrap the entrances. Jeeves fixes the car.

Jan 21-Morse, Julie, Daphne, and Annabel arrive at Long Island estate. They plan to throw a dead body over the wall of Erica Carlisles estate. Investigations on the Carlisle party members: Morse and Lazlo on Huston, Daphne and Annabel on Masters, Harvey/Julie/Roget on Jack Brady. Send wire to Penhew Foundation. Buy guns.

Jan 22-Morse and Lazlo search medical records on Carlisle. Morse goes to the Cotton Club.

Jan 23-Morse, Lazlo, and Roget hang out in Harlem, go to Vee-Vees for a late lunch.

Saturday, Jan 24-Erica Carlisles cocktail party. Harvey wrecks the car. Roget climbs the drainpipe. Morse is constipated. Lazlo and Daphne steal the books. Meanwhile, cultists set fire to Daphnes home while Annabel, Julie, and Jives hold the fort. Cultists are fended off, but the house is a loss and the party moves to the Plaza Hotel.

Jan 25-Get tickets on the Jan 27 sailing of the Mauritania. Harvey buys a knife. Inform Lt. Poole of impending departure. Look up M. Crompton at the library.

Jan 26-Lazlo reads an evil book. So does Harvey. Party changes hotels.

Jan 27-31-On the boat to England. Reading and practice.

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