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The Painter's Den


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About Us

Who IS The Painter's Den?

A Little About Me

I'm 34 years old, and I've been painting miniatures since I was 17. So half my life has been spent painting. I don't play a lot of wargames, but when I do I enjoy having well-painted figures on the table--in my case, looks are more important than winning! I have a dwarf army for Warhammer Fantasy which adds up to about 5000 points and includes such eclectic figures as dwarf cavalry (mounted on bighorn sheep) and a general riding a black bear. Thanks to my new job as jerk of all trades at Crocodile Games, I'm also beginning work on a Khemru army for Wargods of Aegyptus. I have 2 completed DBA armies (English 100YW and Hindu Medieval) and am working on Alexandrian Macedonians as well. I play a lot of RPG's, and I run a lot of Chaosium's "Call of Cthulhu," which I love to paint figures for when I've got the time. I have a huge collection of 1920's horror figures, including most of Rafm's Cthulhu monster line, a lot of Metal Magic investigators, and tons of cultists and bad guys from Foundry's Darkest Africa line, and Mark Copplestone's Pulp Figures! So that's my own gaming and painting taste, in a nutshell.

The Company

In 2002 I lost my job as regional manager of a retail game chain. While this was sad for me, two good things came out of it; the first was that I went back to school (again! This is my third time around, I collect degrees) and the second was that I was inspired to start my own painting business! I'd been painting for friends for years, but now that I was strapped for cash I decided to go public and see what happened. I got lucky in that one of my first Ebay sales of my figures resulted in a long-term customer relationship with a great guy named Dennis, who has probably sent me 300 figures over the course of the last couple years! I also got listed on the Miniatures Page directory, and that's generated a number of excellent ongoing commissions whose pictures appear throughout this site. The Painter's Den has been a huge success for me, and I look forward to building it even further in the future!

The Painter's Den * Rocky Ripple, Indiana * USA